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Remote Assistance

Using TeamViewer remote assistance allows us to view your computer screens and take control of your computer to assist you.

We use TeamViewer 10 for remote assistance. Download our current version from here. 

GB's Remote Support TeamViewer GB's QuickSupport TeamViewer

After downloading and running our TeamViewer QuickSupport file to your computer, we can connect remotely to your system to assist you. Contact us to let us know you are awaiting remote service.

Or download the full Version 10 of TeamViewer directly from
Once TeamViewer 10 is installed and running, let us know your TeamViewer ID and the password to allow us to connect.
Please use TeamViewer Version 10 for our remote service, as the newer version 11 won't work properly with our systems.

Beware of scams. "Microsoft" won't call you telling you have a virus. It is NOT Microsoft, and they will try to get remote access to your computer. Don't let them into your computer. Does a doctor call you asking if you are sick?? If you have fallen for one of these scams, contact us and we can check out your system to see if they did any damage.

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