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Service Rates:

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Current rates, effective 1/1/2016

Service Current Rates Notes
In Shop Service $60/Hour 1 hour minimum charge
On Site Service $60/Hour Travel time included
Remote Assistance Service $45/Hour - 1 hour minimum charge.

First 10 minutes - FREE.

Virus Removal Service $60/Hour - In Shop Service only. Up to $300 maximum for virus removal
PLUS cost of ransom, if applicable.
Ransomware payment via Bitcoin 10% Bitcoin exchange fee Surcharge No guarantee of data recovery after ransom payment.
Major Laptop Repair $30 Surcharge  
Obsolete Windows (98/2000/XP/8) $30 Surcharge  
Update Windows to current Service Pack $30 Surcharge Current Vista w/SP2, Windows7 w/SP1,
Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Login password reset $30 Surcharge Proof of ownership required
Network install or test Rates vary - depending on job Call for quote
Support via Phone $45/Hour FREE support via E-Mail .

Our PDF file invoices now have a link to pay directly.

Effective 7/1/2013: All MN system repair labor is taxable. See FS152B
Minnesota 6.875% sales tax on all parts and labor for work done in Minnesota, plus city/county sales tax where applicable.
Minnesota 7.375% sales tax on all parts and labor for work done within Fairmont city limits. Effective October 1, 2017
Iowa 7% sales tax for any items sold or labor performed in Iowa.

New customers are required to pay via cash, check, credit card, Bitcoin, or PayPal upon service completion.
Payment due within 15 days for established customers.
Finance charges will be added to all overdue invoices. We are NOT a bank.

Under these new rates, a minimum of $60 for in-shop and on-site service calls for the first hour of service and $45 minimum for remote and phone support. Additional time will be invoiced at 0.1 hour (6 minute) intervals. Travel time for On-Site service is included in the hourly rate.

Rates are subject to change.

Payment terms: Cash, Check, Credit Card (Visa/MC/Discover/AmEx), Bitcoin, and PayPal accepted. Due upon completion of services.

Make checks payable to: GB's Computer Service - DL and DOB required for payment via check.
Pay via PayPal to: or pay via Bitcoin to

*Payments can be taken in-shop or on-site via major credit or debit card using GoPayment from Intuit QuickBooks. One swipe of your credit or debit card into a secure connection and we will be on our way. A payment receipt will be sent via cell phone text or email to you. We also accept cash, or your GOOD check, but this is a handy tool when you are out of checks or don't have the cash on hand. A perfect way to pay!
Backup your data! GB's is NOT responsible for the loss of your personal data.

1  Labor is taxable at 6.875% in Minnesota, including free software and updates.

  Virus removal charge at the hourly shop rate or flat-rate, whichever is less, plus ransom if applicable.
 Virus removal may require reformatting of the system drive. All personal data WILL BE LOST.

3 Surcharges are in addition to the service rates.

4 Personal checks accepted with birth date and driver's license number. $30 NSF check fee.


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Backup your data! GB's is NOT responsible for the loss of your personal data.


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